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SPE MUST KNOW! #1 Shale And Tight Reservoir Analysis

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SPE MUST KNOW! #1 Shale And Tight Reservoir Analysis

SPE Must Know or commonly called by SMK, is one of the SPE’S UGM SC program to develop the internal potential from every boards of SPE UGM SC in order to create the boards of SPE UGM SC become broadminded about petroleum.

At first, this program was initiated on 2011-2012 period, but because of some things, SPE Must Know was not going very well. In this period of 2015-2016, organization who is lead by Muhammad Fadhil Priana, geological engineering 2013, SPE Must Know begins to be revived.

On 26th of February 2016, education division was holding the first SPE Must Know with “Shale Oil and Tight Reservoir” theme, who was guiding directly by one of the former of SPE UGM SC, Dwiki Perdana Susanto, S.Si.

Education division schedules the SPE Must Know into 4 meetings in this period. Beside to enrich the insight to all boards, SPE Must Know is aiming to get rid of bad impression about SPE UGM SC which is only an organization just like the other event organizer who create the workshop or course, but we do not really know well about the matter in the workshop or course. In the future, hopefully SPE Must Know to work well and be able to achieve its purpose. [Victor/SPE UGM SC]

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