SPE Gadjah Mada Magazine: PETROLINE Vol. 1


PETROLINE is a brand new media made by SPE UGM SC Boards to spread news, opinions, technology & methods about energy in popular way. It is made in purpose to make people in our community to be able to easily understand the energy problems that we face in present & not-so-distant future and the new technology, knowledge & methods that may have a chance to be the right solutions to solve them.
We do really hope that you could enjoy read our magazine & get new knowledge & informations from it.

Download the paperless version of PETROLINE Vol.1 here  (size: 26MB)
You may give us your thought, critics & suggestions about PETROLINE Vol.1 here

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  1. Farida | |

    Cool guys!
    Success for the next edition :)

  2. SPE UGM SC | |

    Thanks Farida. Forever SPE UGM SC Family

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