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Leadership Training: Solidarity Makes Loyalty

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Leadership Training: Solidarity Makes Loyalty

Leadership training is one of the annual program of SPE UGM SC. This year was held on Saturday 27th February until Sunday 28th February 2016 at Wisma Pesanggrahan Taman Siswa, Kaliurang.

The boards departure was on Saturday at 5 PM. After having dinner together, the training begins. It started with sharing by the president of SPE UGM SC, Muhammad Fadhil Priana, followed by the former of SPE UGM SC, Dwiky, Hada and then the boards having bonfire and barbecue together. Before bedtime, some of the boards were watching movie together, and some of the others sleep in their room.

When the sun rises, the second day of the training begins. That morning would be a fun morning because we had games. In the morning, the boards enjoy the nature beauty by relaxing with the fresh air, jogging and a little exercise. Before the games started, let’s fulfill the energy by having breakfast and let’s start the games. The games was divided into 3 games, the first was relay game. In relay game, the boards was divided into 3 groups. And the next game was lifting a bucket, in this game, the boards was having fun with water, because the bucket is full of water. The boards must lift the bucker using every foot in the groups. When the group failed the mission, the groups would taste the cool water in the morning. The last game was full of strategy. The group made a very small circle, everyone in the group must holding hand randomly each other and however in the end, when the group was going to make a bigger circle, everyone in the group must be holding hand each other perfectly and created a bigger circle.

After all the games has done, the boards got to clean up their selves and the place as well and start to prepare for going home. Hopefully the boards of SPE UGM SC become more solid because solidarity makes loyalty. #LoyaltyWithoutLimits [Araujo/SPE UGM SC]

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