We are from “Society of Petroleum Engineer Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter” would like to invite you to join with us for the students in the first or second year majoring Geological Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Geophysics Departments. For you who are interested about petroleum industry, you are in the right place, in SPE UGM – SC

  1. Join the open recruitment held by SPE UGM – SC as :
  • The Boards : The official members to hold and organize any SPE Events.
  • The Members: The students who can follow certain events (courses, workshops, paper competitions, etc.) held by SPE UGM SC Boards

Join us and you can get the Knowledge, Partners, Experiences, Leaderships, Links and many others

2 thoughts on “JOIN US!

  1. SPE UGM SC Post author

    Hello Ruth, if you want to become SPE member, you can join SPE event:
    “how to become SPE member”. you can contact Akmal Vidia for detail information :)

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