Education division is one of 6 divisions in Society of Petroleum Engineers. This division is created since the first period of Society of Petroleum Engineers UGM Student Chapter in 2007. This division is responsible for the educational sector in Society of Petroleum Engineers UGM Student Chapter.

Education division mainly have mission to increase the educational skill (petroleum knowledge) in Society of Petroleum Engineers UGM Student Chapter, especially for the boards. Education division is also want to help the others to increase their knowledge by held some educational event (course and workshop) that regularly be held. The knowledge we share is not only about class discussion, but mainly outside the class material based on some latest issue in petroleum industry.

Job Description

Responsible for things related in development activities in order to improve educational quality.

Head Division

Rebecca Hana


  • Hamzah Abdurrahman Salaam
  • Ainnur Makhmud
  • M Joko Tri P
  • Dino Kristoffer L
  • Isna Nur H
  • Abi Asykari F
  • M Zakky Teja