cropped-cropped-spe-logo-1-e1456126793918.pngSociety of Petroleum Engineers Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter (SPE UGM – SC) is a non-profit organization under SPE Indonesia & SPE Java Section established in November 2008. Membership of SPE UGM – SC is divided into Members & Boards. SPE UGM – SC Members are active students in Universitas Gadjah Mada that already register to SPE UGM – SC as members & pass some administrative requirements. Meanwhile, SPE UGM – SC Boards are active students in Geological Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department & Geophysics Department Universitas Gadjah Mada that already pass some recruitment steps and responsible for daily management of the organization. Both Members & Boards get privilege & special access to any events held by SPE UGM – SC, SPE Java Section, SPE Indonesia and even SPE International.

 Since January, 2017 SPE UGM – SC officially has started a new organization management period. The new elected President for this period is Fauzy Habibie Akhyar.

  • Vision

  1. Strenghtening Loyalty Through Quality
  • Mission

  1. To bring back SPE UGM-SC to the World Petrobowl Championship in 2018 #RoadToDubai
  2. To strengthen the bond between all members
  3. To enhance the self-esteem of the members
  4. To ensure equal distribution of responsibilities
  5. To provide the required necessity in preparing the members toward the professional world