Society of Petroleum Engineers Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter (SPE UGM – SC) is a non-profit organization under SPE Indonesia & SPE Java Section established in November 2008. Membership of SPE UGM – SC is divided into Members & Boards. SPE UGM – SC Members are active students in Universitas Gadjah Mada that already register to SPE UGM – SC as members & pass some administrative requirements. Meanwhile, SPE UGM – SC Boards are active students in Geological Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department & Geophysics Department Universitas Gadjah Mada that already pass some recruitment steps and responsible for daily management of the organization. Both Members & Boards get privilege & special access to any events held by SPE UGM – SC, SPE Java Section, SPE Indonesia and even SPE International.

 Since January, 2018 SPE UGM – SC officially has started a new organization management period. The new elected President for this period is Ihsan Akmala.

Underlying Mottos: Visionary, Communicative, & Competitive

  • Vision

    Becoming an organization that offers advantages to all members and boards to grow together by developing softskills, organizational skills, and knowledge related to engineering, and Oil & Gas Industries hence providing a better chance in career as professional and good external relation based on professionalism and integrity.

  • Mission

    1.Creating a comfortable condition and harmony within SPE UGM SC, hence developing the sense of belonging and loving as the members of SPE .

    2.Ensuring every element is benefited in soft skills development, organizational skills development, and knowledge development related to engineering, and Oil & Gas Industries

    3.Building and developing self confidence and positive mindset for each member to be ready to perform within the SPE UGM SC  and outreach.

    4.Giving experiences related to career, professional and industry for all members of SPE UGM SC.

    5.Raising awareness of our surrounding communities, particularly the SPE boards from the members of SPE UGM SC.

    6.Build a good relationship with professional and other student chapter.